Aeration Selection Guide

The TRN aerator employs a special impeller that draws air by its self-aspiration force, and the air sucked down into the aerator is subjected to an air/water collision within the guide vane, and then this mixed air-water current is forcibly discharged through the discharge outlets. This aerator is excellent in durability by its unique “air
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RS Series

The RS-series is a rotary air blower with a three-blade rotor. A highly well-balanced rotor and innovative helical outlet port minimizes violent impact and pulsation noise. It is applicable to a wide variety of applications.

BER Series

The BER-series is a submersible ejector comprising a B-series sewage pump and a venturi-jet pump. It draws in air by means of its self-aspirating mechanism and discharges the mixture of air and water through the diffuser. The powerful single jet current is unrivaled in vertical stirring convection.

TAR Series

The TAR-series is a submersible aerator having an axial-flow impeller. The air supplied by a blower is broken into fine babbles and is mixed with water by its strong water current. An extremely high oxygen transfer rate can be achieved with less energy consumption.

TRN Series

The TRN-series is a submersible aerator having a self-aspirating function. A built-in special semi-open impeller generates negative pressure, draws in air from above the water surface. The drawn air and liquid are mixed and discharged at a high pressure. This innovative mechanism contributes to highly efficient dissolution of oxygen.